Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry at St. Francis Parish

At St. Francis Parish, we strive to have a vibrant community full of fellowship, service, and prayer. Our community ministries help one become fully involved and integrated with the identity and life of St. Francis Parish.

Daughters of the King Bible Study

The purpose of Daughters of the King Bible Study is to bring women closer to God and to the Catholic Faith by providing fellowship within the parish and services to catholic charities and St. Vincent De Paul. We meet every Tuesday morning at beginning with a social at 8:30 am in the Parish Hall or Youth Center.

For more information, please contact Marti Fleming at 661-201-5309 or mfleming2@bak.rr.com.

Small group of multi-ethnic young adults sharing during Bible Study in a home.
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R&R Women’s Bible Study

This nondenominational Bible study is a great way to study the written word of God, develop your faith and prayer life, and apply it to your everyday life. Tuesday morning is a safe place to walk hand in hand with other women seeking the same knowledge and growth in Christ. Whether you have been with us from day one or are brand new to Bible study, you will experience the great joy of fellowship.

For more information, please contact Mary Demler at 661-706-4160.

Young Ladies Institute Deo Gratias #218

The Young Ladies Institute is an organization of Catholic Women dedicated to the Christian principles of charity and love. The purpose of our ministry is to help others in our organization, our church, and our community through promoting love and raising money to support charitable activities. Our history reflects a sisterly care and concern for each other and for those in need. The Young Ladies Institute meets on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00 am in the Betenbaugh room in the Parish Hall.

For more information, contact Cammy Beard at 661-327-4734 or Janice Rimmer at 661-325-2840 or jrimmer1@bak.rr.com.

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